Parkerville Steiner College’s Term One Physical Education program takes advantage of the warm, sunny days by focusing on water sports.

Following on from their Camp at Woodman Point at the beginning of term, where the students learned to sail, flew at great heights on the flying fox, tested their limbs and courage on a vertical challenge and spent time swimming at the beautiful beach, Class 7 have spent this term’s PE lessons at Bilgoman Swimming Pool. How fortunate we are to have an Olympic sized pool in the hills. Each week the students rotated through three activities at the pool; in one activity they swam laps to build their fitness, endurance and stamina, in another activity they were taught swimming and survival skills by a qualified swimming teacher provided by the Bilgoman Pool, and in the third (and possibly favourite) activity there were fun games involving diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toys, floating balls, jumping and plenty of splashing!    

Class 8 students began the term with a unit of Volleyball, where each week they learned the skills for ball handling, including accurate serving, digging and setting. They mastered the art of rotating their court positions and very quickly learned the importance of clear communication and teamwork. The second half of the term has seen the Class 8’s head off in the bus each week to Ascot Kayak Club for lessons with Paddle WA.  Each week the talented instructors guide the students to build on the skills involved in paddling forwards, backwards, sideways, in circles, in and out of obstacles, and recovering from a capsize. It has been wonderful to hear the students laughing, encouraging their friends, and to see the students who struggle to manoeuvre their kayak in a straight line to keep going, persisting despite the challenge.   

Donna Bieundurry
Physical Education Teacher